Sexy Student and His Wanting Teacher" Sexy Student and His Wanting Teacher">Sexy Student and His Wanting Teacher

Jayanfire 11/07/2007 First thanks to the KERALA EROTICA and its team for publishing this. This is my first story in this great site and I am sure I will add more. This story is not fully true incident but have many parts extracted from my life. I am jayan (name changed) and she Sujaya (name changed).Lets introduce me first. At that time I am studying in 12th in a CBSE school in Ernakulam .I am not very so built but you would like me in one way or the other. I am a student who wants to have sex with every beautiful girl I sees even though I had no chances to have sex with any girls and I deeply wants one. Sujaya was my English teacher in 11th as well as in 12th . She is about 30 unmarried. She had medium complexed colour and she had long hair and I really loved girls having long hair Even though she is not beautiful by her face she is so sexy with her belly and her boobs.She had a beautiful mole in her belly. I in my 11th I did not notice her boobs and belly much but only made glances over her. She was really adorable and the way she dressed and walked one could see her sweet belly and more than half her boobs and if tried hard one could see her washer. In 12th I became more attracted to her and would always want to look at her and I could have glances of her boobs and belly many a times. I became little friendly to her so that I could have little more freedom in class and to look on her. I never had a hint that she noticed my looks on her as she behaved to me always in the same way. The feeling in me was aroused and I really wanted to have a look and touch at her whole body. Even though I looked at her regularly during the class she did not notice it. I always wanted to have a call for sex on her but you know as I am her student I can't make it. I even would ring in to her mobile and would keep quite when she would attend it to hear her voice. This went for a long time. But I wanted more of her. One day she noticed that I was looking at her and she became furious to see where all I was looking. I didn't see it but I have always thought that she also wanted to have sex with someone. She noticed that I was mad on her and she during next day's period came closer to me so that I could have a better glance on her. I really enjoyed during that days class. Then came the series of exams and I at home in front of books would think of my sweet teacher. When I and my friends went to collect our answer sheet of English exam she said she wanted to tell something to me about my studies and asked my friends to go. It was a free period for her and nobody other than me and her where in the room. She told to me that I was not concentrating on the period and always looking at somewhere else. I thought that she did not mean my looking's on her and said that I was listening to her in the class (As I would have reasonable marks I could tell that lie). Then I asked her where all I has to improve in my answers of letters and notemakings.All this time I could see her washer because she had freed her saree willingly. I glanced at her frequently and was becoming out of control. She noticed my shaft erect and she asked me to contact her whenever I had any doubt. One Saturday night I called her and asked her some doubts in letter making and in note making. She told me it would not be possible to describe in phone and asked me to come tomorrow morning to her house so that she could clear my doubts. I agreed and said I would come to her house by 9 am. I thought that I could go to my friend's house after clearing the doubts. Next day I reached at her house and there was no other people as her father and mother had left for marriage of their relative in kottayam early in the morning .I was in shirt and jeans and she in saree.I could see her belly and boobs easily as her saree was so free as every woman would do in her house. We sat at her room and she started clearing my doubts .After some teachings she went in to her kitchen to make two cups of tea for some refreshment. Many sexy thoughts flashed thru my mind. I noticed the sexy books under some books in the room. I also noticed a book on letter making underneath these books and when she returned I told her that I want some reference books to take to home and she gave him some. I said that I would take it when returning from my friends house then she jokingly asked me whether I am going to any girlfriend's house. I with a sexy smile said no. We chatted for some time. Then our talking went in to love making to romance and finally to sex.She asked me whether I had any relationships with any girls and I truly said no. Then she said she had noticed my moments and looks in the class and I confessed that I hadn't seen a nice belly and boobs not even in BF and so I always look at hers. Then she asked me whether I want to touch her and have sex with her and I agreed to it. I said that first I wanted to look at her as I look her in the class. After some time I went near her and made her lie on bed and touched her soft belly and it felt so soft. I put my face in to her belly and felt her washers with my face and I put my tongue in to her washer. It was so nice. Then I bite and licked her ears and neck for some time. (I am a passionate lover of foreplay).Then she put her hand inside my shirt and felt my chest with her hands and she undid my shirt buttons and rolled her tongue all thru my chest. She smelled really adorable with her boby odor. Then we decided to have a French kiss and I asked her to close her eyes and placed my lips so close to her but it didn't touch hers. My hot air flowing in to her face and she became restless and hold my head tight on her hand and forced me to kiss her. I should tell you that it was as you tasted the sweetest icecream.She was really hot and my fore play had really aroused her more. Then I put my tongue deep in to her mouth. It went on for about 10 mins and then I took out her saree and felt her boobs.Oh! It was really so spongy. Then I went under to her leg and licked her legs with my tongue. Then I moved upward and rubbed my face with her thigh. Once again I went up to her boobs and played it. Then I unhooked her blouse and I saw one of the best boobs in the world. Then she once again rolled her tongue on my chest and then unhooked my pants and felt my thighs with her face and I took out her petticoat and rubbed her pussy with my hands for some time. Then I got her bra unhooked and I put her right boobs on my mouth and sucked it. She closed her eyes and I was sure she was really enjoying it and she brushed thru my hair. After it I changed the boobs and hold the right on my hands and pressed it. She made some sweet sounds which made me further encouraging. Then after sucking her boobs for over 20 mins I went down and took out her panties.Oh!The woman I used to dream of is now nude in front of me. It was beautiful pink coloured she had little hair but shaped which invited me to suck and fuck.I put my hands on to her pussy and it was so hard to enter two fingers but was so nice. I was sure by that she was a virgin and I licked her pussy with my mouth and she made sounds due to pain and the joy and at last she cummed on my mouth.It was little sour but it for me was like honey.She then holded my shaft under my briefs which was so overjoyed and for me it was like some electricity passed thru me. Then she took out my briefs and started sucking my shaft. She sucked on its head as well as deep in to the shaft and under the balls. She licked every in my shaft and under my shaft in the thighs. She put all my shaft and she made me move as you move your shaft in pussy. It went for about 7 mins and I said to her that I was about to cum.Then again I started sucking her boobs but her pussy always invited me to lick rather than to suck her boobs so I once again licked her pussy and now with more pressure and she aroused some noises due to the pain and enjoyment. I licked and bited her lips with maximum joy. After 10mins we decided to loose virginity and we went on our knees and I pushed my shaft in to her from behind her and placing one had on her boobs and rubbing her pussy with the other one. I slowly tried to penetrate my shaft deep in to her wet pussy and then I increased the frequency slowly and she produced sounds like Ahhh! Ohhhh! Etc. Which made me to fuck her harder and I first fucked in and out then to arouse her I fucked in a circular way. It was really trilling experience for both of us. I fucked her until I was feeling like Cumming and took it out and went straight in to her boobs and sucked it for another 10 mins.During it she pulled my hair very hard. I was both in pain and ecstasy then I stretched my legs and opened it widely and allowed her to put her pussy on my pennies all by her and at this position I could suck her boobs as well as fuck her. We continued in this position for some 10 mins and when I felt like Cumming she took my shaft on her mouth and sucked it until I cummed in her mouth. After that we had a bath jointly and I applied soap all over her body and in her boobs and she applied soap on me and my shaft. After that we exchanged some kisses and came out of bath and had lunch together and after lunch we slept for over an hour nudely and then I took some ice cream and applied it on her boobs and licked it without wasting a drop. The cold ice cream melted in no time as she was so hot. All thru the sessions we were very dedicated and open to each other and it made us possible to have a good foreplay and good sex.After that I left her house with full stomach filled with her grand fest. GOOD DEDICATION, OPENNESS, and FOREPLAY are needed for true sex. I appreciate both male and female readers and you can send your comments and Suggestions regarding this so that I can improve in my second experience/story. Women wanting for friendship/sex/love sent can contact me at Once again THANKS TO KERALA EROTICA FOR PUBLISHING

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